Tuesday, February 03, 2009

120 Seconds of Lit: The Letter A

120 Seconds of Lit are creative exercises I post from time-to-time.  They're completely random, but the idea is that I write for 120 seconds and then I'm done.  Click on the "120" label to see other past posts.

Today, words that start with A.  Ready?  Let's go.  No spell check.  (Final note: Way too much backspacing... wasted time.)

able, apple, astronaut, argonaut, airplane, arrow, argh, acme, acrobat, alleviate, Alabama, Arkansas, August, autumn, author, Auckland, Arizona, alabaster, academia, academic, all, any, amateur, annul, abracadabra, ah, aol, America, application, automobile, Africa, after, are, Ariel, arial, awesome.
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