Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dirty Tricks Division

Everything in this hotel is labeled.  Either cutesy instructions like "wakecup" on a sign next to the coffee maker  (I put the sign behind the coffee maker last night.  A new one sprouted on the coffee maker around 10 am this morning, so now I have two) or helpful instructions on the plunger (don't recall seeing those in other hotel rooms) telling me that it's been sanitized for my protection or a note on the robe telling me that I can visit their website to get one for myself, or little tags telling me if I drink the water it's $5 a bottle or if I drink the wine it's $24 for one and $27 for the other bottle.  Even the extra roll of toilet paper is wrapped in paper that reads "Westin" on it. And almost everything uses the word "Heavenly" somewhere on it.

I think if I had a little color printer, I'd want to have some fun.  Like a new note on the toilet paper... "Westin is proud to offer you this extra roll of Heavenly Wipes(tm) because sometimes we know you need more.  To use, simply remove the outer wrapper.  $8 will be added to your bill at the time of checkout."

Although I think a sign added to the plunger would go unnoticed for some time.
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