Saturday, February 07, 2009


Ok, so this is a medical post, so those of you that don't like medical stuff, just stop reading now.  But yeah, this is my blog, so I'll post what I feel like it.

I had to have a physical a few weeks ago, which was really just a paperwork step related to my seeing a doctor a few months ago about my sinus infection.  Since I hadn't picked a doctor yet, no one was getting the monthly stipend from my health insurance.  So, to make sure everyone got paid, I had to go get prodded and poked and told to lose weight.

One of the things I mentioned at the appointment was really, really rough skin on my fingers just about my fingernails.  He looked at them, said he had a little bit of that himself, that it was a yeast infection.  But that it would typically only present itself on people that had their hands in water or chemicals a lot and then he confirmed that I worked on computers.  He told me how to take care of it, but wasn't quite sure why I was experiencing it.

So I began to try to figure it out myself.  I realized that my hands are actually wet quite often.  Apparently (according to my self-diagnosis) my handwashing could probably be classified as OCD.  I'm not sure why, but I wash my hands alot.  And I don't always dry my hands completely.  Correction, I didn't always dry my hands completely.  So that's the new thing, working on getting my hands dry after washing them. 
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