Sunday, February 22, 2009

Living the Dream

It all started in college, but every so often, something weird happens to me.  It's always at night, on the way to the bathroom.  The most recently was a few nights, and I love that it's still happening to me.  It just hits me all of the sudden... this is real.  First it was "I'm out on my own, attending college." and then "Wow.  I own a car." ... "I have my own apartment and a car and a cat." and "I'm living in California!" then "I'm engaged." and "Wow! I'm married!" and then "We have a house." and then "Wow.  There is a tiny little human being that we are responsible that at one point did not exist but is now sleeping peacefully in the next room." and then the other night... "Wow... We have two children and have been married almost 10 years."  And it feels like just weeks. 

In some ways, it's disappointing how many wonderful things that have transpired that I've surely forgotten over the years.
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