Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Obligatory Year End

As always, the end of the year look back.  Frankly, there's not a lot to look back on.  Complaints about the mother-in-law was a theme as frustration at this or that and the perpetual lack of sleep.  If I added Twitter or Facebook statuses to the mix, there'd probably be a higher focus on coffee.  I started the year off well, but that sort of failed as well.  I haven't decided if I want to have any goals for next year or not, or if so, how to track them in a way that I won't fail at.  Maybe I need to take over the laundry room - there's some cabinets I can tape goals to (it's the checking off of things that I like) and since I'm the one that does the laundry and attends to the cats, it would be in front of me daily.  Anyhow, without further ado, 12 posts from the last year - a year without a lot of interesting posts.

Jan. 8 -- Too Early
I did not want to get up this morning.

Feb. 29 -- WT?
Yesterday was probably one of the top 5 worst days of my professional career life.

March 1 -- Crappy Dad
I didn't even say good morning to my daughter this morning.

April 30 -- Free Ideas
Ok, here's some free ideas I thought of today.

May 12 -- Welcome, Ben

June 6 -- Solution to the ANWR Debate
So, it seems to me that as long as there is oil under ANWR, there will be people who want to drill for it and roads and pipes and infrastructure to support existing drilling. So, it seems like the easiest way to end the entire debate is to just go ahead and drill.

July 5 -- Domesticated
For I don't know how long now, I've enjoyed vacuuming.

Aug. 18 -- Legitimate Post
If feels like ages since I've just posted something, anything, that was about what's going on in my life.  Something that wasn't a forward or a joke or a video, but something about me.

Sept. 9 -- Leftover Fusion Chopped Salad
A recipe.  Didn't post much in September.

Oct. 10 -- Simple Math
What do you get when you shovel-up a pile of dog poo and dump it on top of another pile of dog poo?

Nov. 26 -- New Face
Is it racist of me to think (or hope) that because Barack Obama is black that more focus will be made towards the African continent in the next four years?

Dec. 1 -- Day 312
Tomorrow will be day 1,013 that we've lived in this house.  It will also be day 312 that my mother-in-law has not lived in the house.
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