Saturday, July 05, 2008


For I don't know how long now, I've enjoyed vacuuming.  You have to clean up the room (especially the floor) reasonably well before you start and when you're done, you know that it's a nicer place to walk around barefoot.  (Not that I do.   But I also know I can lie on the floor if I want.)

Lately I've started doing some of the handwash.  It piles up and so I've tried to chip in a little bit.  And I've found that I kind of enjoy it.  You can't rush it, or you get water all over your shirt and pants.  And when done, there's a sense of accomplishment at the pile of now clean dishes waiting for Lori to notice and put away.  Of course, I don't do the complicated baby/kid stuff and I sometimes leave other stuff, and occasionally Lori will pick something up and immediately move it back over to the other side for re-washing.  But it's kind of nice.  It's a solitary activity done while looking out the window at the mountains, trees, clouds, rain, whatever, and listening to iTunes. Also reminds me of my Little Caesar's days.  A simpler time, but I wouldn't have believed you if you had told me at the time.
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