Friday, June 06, 2008

Solution to the ANWR Debate

So, it seems to me that as long as there is oil under ANWR (the Artic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska), there will be people who want to drill for it and roads and pipes and infrastructure to support existing drilling. (There is some, right? I'm not entirely educated on the subject.)

So, it seems like the easiest way to end the entire debate is to just go ahead and drill. As soon as we drill and get all the oil out, then we can dismantle the roads, pipes and infrastructure and let nature overrun everything and return it to a more natural state.

Although this might sound similar to the Reno 911 pro-SUV argument, I really don't think it is. (They made the argument that everyone should be driving big gas-inefficient SUV's... the sooner we use up all the oil, the sooner the terrorists run out of money to finance their terrorism.)
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