Monday, February 11, 2008

Live and On Scene

Ok, I breezed through security, had a whole row to myself on the plane, a nice quick (40 minutes quicker than planned) and smooth flight, didn't have to check anything, walked right out and on to the shuttle, got here and was bummed. No reasonably priced places to eat, internet that costs $12 for 24 hours and a fitness center that cost $10 a day. Turns out the fitness center did not have a cost (though I didn't make it there today) and while a lot of people are having Blackberry problems, I was not one of them. After a nice meal, I felt much better, though I was seriously hating myself for the onion rings. So I walked Harbor Island Drive. All of it. It was just over three miles and I did it in less than an hour, even jogging for a few feet. Walking and jogging kinda bore me. But it was really nice out there. Not sure of the temperature, but I was wearing shorts and wasn't cold. There weren't many people out and I saw a number of cranes just hanging out on the shore, regarding me as I walked by but not looking ready to spring up and flee. I just got back and wanted to see what the how long my walk was so I walked up to the kiosks in the lobby and someone had left one logged in (after comparing the prices of used "white lexus sc430" according to their search) so I hopped on. The part that does concern me is that I might end up staying on here too long. Hopefully not, I have other stuff I want to do tonight and I want to get a decent's night sleep so that I'm well rested for tomorrow. There may be a cryiong kid in the next room. I'm a little scared about that. Anyhow, I made it in one piece and now that I have some food and exercise in me, I'm feeling quite a bit better. I haven't seen anyone I know, but I did get instructions for a flash mob I'm to be part of tomorrow. That sounds kinda cool, except it's at an event I wasn't sure I was going to attend. We shall see. Anyhow, if you need to reach me, just use that call button on the right side of this blog and it'll ring your phone through to mine. I wrote something really cool on the plane and mailed it to myself. I'll post it after I have internet access. Ok, I'm going to wander away from the free internet and hope it's still there the next time I have need.
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