Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I Deserve a Treat

I'm behind on posting on here... and we're one-tenth of the way through the year already... wow. 10.1% to be quite precise.

I am behind on talking to most of the family.

I am behind on my assessments, legitimate posts and weight loss. I am ahead on flossing (wow) and behind on being in bed by 11 pm. I am also behind on walking, but that will improve as the weather gets better. I am ahead on all of the other exercise.

I had a really rough day and so I had my last piece of birthday ice cream cake. I had considered saving it, but I really deserved it today.

I am not happy about being behind on stuff. I had a great day of exercise yesterday and then a rather poor day today.

But, 9/10 of the year left to go. I believe I can get caught up. (moved from The Year was 2008)
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