Saturday, February 23, 2008

In Defense of Lindsey (sort of)

Lindsey's still in the press. This time, for participating in a photoshoot. The photoshoot finds Lindsey in poses that mimic a photoshoot done by Marilyn Monroe before she died. Not surprising as it was proposed by the photographer who did the Monroe shoot as well.

I have not seen the photos and have no plans to, but I'm annoyed by people who call them "macabre" and in bad taste. It's not like she was posed laying on the floor with a doctor leaning over her or something. It's an homage. Or more appropriately, it was a publicity stunt to which she was a willing participant.

Bad taste? I don't think so. Bad judgement. Probably. This is Lindsey's problem. She appears unable to make the kinds of decisions that lead to good publicity, so she's embracing the "no press is bad press" philosophy and proving how false that statement really is.

Marilyn died three weeks after this photoshoot. I hope that Lindsey does not pull a Farley.

What Lohan really needs to do is hire some competant agent and perform a talent makeover. I believe she has the talent to do well in Hollywood (yeah, go ahead and debate what "well in Hollywood" means) but she seems happy to be the butt of jokes.

And that's just sad.

(Yeah, I'm not very good at defending.)
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