Sunday, February 10, 2008

Why do I gotta do stuff? Isn't believing enough?

One of the things I've wondered about in the past has been the struggle between works and faith. In the early times of Jesus, He wrestled with the legalism of the Jewish leaders... Do this, this and this. Don't do that, that or that. Properly obey all rules and you will receive salvation. And then Jesus came along and said "Believe in me. That's all it takes to receive salvation." But then there still seemed to be rules... things you ought to do, things you shouldn't do. So, what was the deal? As I've grown in my own understanding, this has become clearer. Today's sermon was also on this topic and I got some good stuff from it. Like the idea that "works as proof of faith (I do this to prove my piety) flies in the face of what Christ did by dying on a cross. But works as an expression of faith complements Christ's work." That is, a faith that is not dead, foolish or useless will produce good works. That is, your honest believe in Christ and that He did for your sins will compel you to seek out a live that shows His love through you to others. Because we love Jesus and receive the gift of His sacrifice we act, not because we're trying to get His attention. Just thought that was worth writing down... usually I take notes, capture "nuggets" and then they end up in the recycling bin as we tidy up our kitchen.
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