Monday, September 03, 2007

Silent Night

It's almost 11. My goal was to be in bed by 11, but I'm not sure I'll make it. I'm laying on the bed, but not sure I'll be in bed. My knees are bent and the keyboard is resting on my stomach and my legs. Outside, thunder and loud, loud rain. I can also hear the murmurings of neighbors outside enjoying the rain. Rachel is also laying on the bed, head on my chest. She has, to some degree, been insufferable tonight. Demanding every few minutes to go to the bathroom. Of course, at this stage for her, every request must be honored. I finally decided this was the only way to get her to quiet down was to let her lie here on the bed next to me. She had made her way to where she was lying all the way across me but now she's rolled off and... nope, she's back again, now laying on my wrists making typing difficult. And she's gone again. At least she's quiet. The rain is just coming down like crazy. With large windows on two sides of this room, the sound is just incredible. And there's that smell... the fresh chilled smell of rain. It's just amazing. The thunder is rolling across the sky and Rachel whispers that "Daddy, thunder is like a bass, bass drum." Now, it's almost impossible to hear individual rain, it's just a solid white noise. Lightning! This was the first I'd seen. Rachel, with her eyes closed, even sensed it. They had predicted rain for later tonight, first 1 and then later revising to 3, but I guess it came early. When I was in the middle of the house, I saw the lights flickering and knew it was coming. I can't even hear the neighbors anymore. This is so cool. Time to turn off the computer and just enjoy the rain.
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