Thursday, September 06, 2007

Mexico Trucks to Enter US

MSNBC.COM -- I had to laugh at this article about teamsters protesting Mexican trucking companies being allowed to drive on US roads. Currently they're only allowed within 20 miles of the border, but soon they'll be allowed anywhere in the U.S., as part of NAFTA that already sees Canadian drivers on U.S. roads. The only reason I even mention this article is because I found it funny that the Teamsters organizer's name is Hugo Flores. Also against the plan was U.S. driver Oscar Nunez. Driver Carlos Moreno doesn't have a problem and CHP officer Hector Paredes said that the protest didn't affect border crossing. (Ok, full disclosure... Driver William Scribner also has a problem with the Mexican drivers. I'm betting someone will call him a racist.) All in all, it sounds like a fruitless protest. More...
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