Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Phone Call

JEREMY and KEN, two college students, are in JEREMY's parents' kitchen looking for something to eat. Ken's standing in the pantry looking for something edible when the phone on the wall outside the pantry rings. He quickly grabs the phone and hits TALK.

"HELLO?" Ken says gruffly. Before anyone has a chance to respond, he repeats himself, sounding angry and abrupt. "IS THERE ANYONE THERE?" Jeremy hears the anxious tone of someone who's confused by the rude greeting.

"Are you a family member?" Ken queries, his tone softening.

He listens and then responds, "uh huh. ok, ok. boyfriend." He holds the phone away from his head and yells "BOYFRIEND!" Jeremy looks at him, puzzled. He's about to speak when Ken waves his hand at him making a shushing motion.

"Could you describe her?" Ken says into the phone. More "uh huh"s.

After hearing the response he says "Hold on." and then covers the mouthpiece with his hand and says "I'll be there in a second." Jeremy says "What?" and Ken punches him.

"Sorry sbout that," he says into the phone again. "Can you hold on for a second?" he asks holding the phone to his chest and tapping his finger on the counter, glaring at Jeremy.

"What's going on?" Jeremy asks and Ken says "I'll be there in a second. Hold on!"

Ken puts the phone to his ear again and says "And what kind of car does she drive?"

He listens intently and then shouts to no one again, "Yeah, Red Camry."

He says "Sir, there's been an incident. This is Dectective Jeremies with the Federal Way Police. Can you please meet me in the Waiting Area at St. Francis Hospital on 9th. Avenue? Drive safely, but please come quickly. I'm sorry, but I've got to go now." He holds the phone out at arms' length and with the other hand, reaches out with one finger and presses the TALK button.

"Hungry?" he asks, addressing Jeremy. "C'mon, let's go get some pizza."

"Dude, what the hell...?" protests Jeremy.

"Wrong number." shrugs Ken.
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