Tuesday, January 09, 2007

On second thought...

I guess I'm not as excited anymore about the *tv. (There's no apple key on my keyboard.) I find it to be really lacking, for the price. Sure, the iTunes sync is great, but I'm left wanting. I'm disappointed at the lack of inputs now that I know it has a hard drive... it would be great if it could also function as a drone DVR. At the very least, inputs would be great for allowing passthrough. As it is, the TV on which I'd use it, while not ancient, looks like it might not have the correct inputs to even use the *tv. Unless I'm mistaken, you can't even do 3-cord (composite? video-audiol-audior) connections with it. I guess I'm behind the times.

I still like the iPhone. I guess that means that Linksys is going to have to rename their products. It's weird to announce products with the name while you're negotiating with Apple to give them the rights to the name. But, speaking of names, Apple's to be commended for dropping "Computer" off the name of their company.

But what was with using Beatles music? Everyone was hoping for an announcement that the impasse was over. I've not been on iTunes to see if maybe they snuck the Beatles onto iTunes. Who knows.

Snow predicted tonight. Cool.
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