Sunday, January 28, 2007

Olympic Sculpture Park

Thanks to Allison's suggestion, all of us went to the Olympic Sculpture Garden yesterday with Steve and Liz. It was really a beautiful day, the kind of blue you look at later in photos and think "Wow." I mean, we were there, but to see it in still life is still pretty amazing. Granted, it was a little on the chilly side, but definitely beautiful. Once again we ate at the Wild Mountain Cafe in N. Seattle. I did not try something new but again had The "Vince" - a big omelette with sausage, pineapple, cheese, refriend beans, feta cheese and salsa. I know it sounds weird, but it's really good. Despite her eating there all the the time, they didn't seme to recognize Allison and actually misunderstood her and didn't bring her any food. Lori thinks they're all stoned. Be the case, still amazing food. Anyhow, the tree pictured at right is one of the sculptures. Brings to mind a dumb song about tree museums. Aaaaaanyhow...

And then last night I uploaded all of January's photos to Flickr and realized that in this same month we also had work-stopping snow of amazing proportions. Very wild. (Though friends who had been down to Malibu said they saw snow on the beach a week or so ago which is pretty amazing, too.)

As always, if you're only seeing photos of random people and lots of shots with no people, then you need to sign-in. Most of the photos of us are by invite only, so ask if you need an invite.
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