Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Goofy Co-Workers

Someone said:
I can't think of a way of wording this that doesn't remind me of those Foster Farms out-of-state poser chickens...
Pray for me. I need help. ;)

Someone else said:
No, it's not you. The issue was raised...

And then:
Yes, I did a lot of clucking myself over this one. But sometimes I guess you just have to let it lay.

But wait, there's more:
Isn't it usually C who comes by our desk egging us to stop encouraging whoever the punster of the day is? And yet here he is crowing on and on.

Followed by:
There is a colonel of truth to what J is saying...

And then:
OK, if I were will to pay a poultry sum, would everyone please stop making silly chicken puns?

I'll pay up to. The chick's in the mail. Seriously, though. If L's feeling a bit fried over this & he wants to Foster harmony between the departments, I'll do my part. In fact, I'll only eat white meat tonight -- no dumb schticks.

So far, the last one...
You can keep pecking, but I don't think you'll be able to knock C off the roost. It was a most eggselent pun.

I'll add comments if more come across the wire. Feel free to add your own to the comments section.
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