Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Unrelated Things

Some interesting things I've learned or heard today...

(1) Because of donations, we are able to employ people who work to acquire grants and gifts-in-kind.  That in turn allows us to provide $1.50 in aid for every $1 donated to our NP by private individuals.  How cool is that?

(2) When your Toshiba laptop needs repairs, you can take it to any UPS store.  Because they're the official shipper for Toshiba, right?  Wrong.  Because UPS is the official REPAIRER for Toshiba laptops.

(3) UPS was apparently founded in Seattle.

(4) Some restaurants now, when you call to make a reservation, you're talking to someone in India.  Now I knew that some drive-up order speakers at McDonalds are actually connected to a call-center in North Carolina, but that's amazing that even restaurants can outsource their reservation systems.

(5) The exchange between two DJs that I heard when I turned on my car radio this morning.
#1 "...Oregon."
#2 "Oregon?  You mean Oregon State."
#3 "Yeah, whatever, that place where you can't pump your own gas.  And everyone smokes pot."
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