Monday, June 05, 2006

Let's Try This Again...

(Note: I haven't been obsessing about this for a week, I just started it, saved it as a draft and then wasn't able to get back to it until now...)

Ok, so I can't dwell on the latest screwup (re: The Barbara Kanouse encounter), but let's see if I can't figure out how to avoid it in the future. Maybe if I work on a list, I can keep it in mind for the next time someone shows up into my life who I haven't seen in 14 years, in a random way that probably won't give me a second opportunity to say all the stuff I should have said the first time around.

Thank you!
You look great, too.
It's so nice to see you.
How did you end up in the area?
How long have you lived in the area?
What did you do after high school?
What did you study in college?
Did you do any travelling?
What do you do now? Is it in the same field as you studied, and if not, isn't that funny how what was important then isn't as important now?

When did you guys meet?
How did you guys meet?
What's his name?
What does he do?
What's your last name now?

What are your kids' names?
Did you always want to have kids, or if not, when did you warm to the idea?
What kinds of activities do they like?
Do you have any pets?
Are you involved in a local church?
Do you do any charity work?
Can you recommend any good restaurants in the area?
Can you recommend stuff in the area to do with kids?

Do you keep in touch with anyone else from the old school days?
Does your family still live in Bremerton?
When was the last time you went back to the 'hood?

etc., etc., etc.

I really need to improve at this interpersonal stuff and stop being such a bonehead. Heather Soberg added me as a friend recently on MySpace so we've been talking a little bit. But it's not face-to-face which is where I stumble the most.
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