Friday, June 02, 2006

This sucks.

Well, it sucks for one family.

On April 26, Laura VanRyn and classmate Whitney Cerak were travelling together in a van when they were involved in a horrendous crash. One girl died and the other was horribly injured in the crash. Whitney was buried and the family has been in mourning. Laura was so badly injured that her features were unrecognizable. Her family kept a vigil over for more more than a month as she slowly improved, recording all the improvements in a blog (link above) they had set up for her.

The family maintaining the blog turned the blog over to the other family this week when it was discovered that the girls had been misidentified and it was in fact Laura that had died and been buried by Whitney's family while Whitney was the one in the hospital slowly recovering, watched over by Laura's family.

For both families, what an amazing testimony to their trust in God to have suffered through this and still been strong in the testimony each has posted on the blog.
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