Monday, April 17, 2006

Your Moment

During your life, you will have moments. What you do at these moments will be defining in your life. You may step up and take your moment, or you may be oblivious to your moment and turn down the wrong path, or continue on blindly when you should have turned your life in another direction. Or, you may eagerly embrace your moment and change the course of your life.

Your moments will not be random, God will have prepared you for them. Before the moment occurs, you will have become aware of a need. You will become consumed, obsessed by the need and you will begin to see the role you might play.

If you feel compelled, but unsure of what to do, then the moment isn’t here yet, but it’s on its way. Pray. Watch for -- expect even -- open doors. Prepare as much as you can. Get ready.

And when the moment arrives, seize it boldly.

What will happen? You may succeed! You may not. You could die. (Literally or figuratively. But hopefully only figuratively.) You will honor God. You may choose to completely ignore the moment. If you do, you may find yourself driving around in circles until you stop to ask for directions and re-arrive at the moment. (Caution: Choosing to ignore a moment may cause the moment to come back to you repeatedly until you act. And when you finally do act, you may end up kicking yourself for not having acted sooner.) Or, the moment may be gone for good.

Moments in the Bible: Jesus in Matthew 21 (Palm Sunday), Esther in Esther 4 (saving the Jews), Nehemiah in Nehemiah 1&2 (rebuilding the city).

paraphrased from a message provided by Jeff MacLurg at Our Savior’s Baptist Church in Federal Way on April 4, 2006.
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