Saturday, April 01, 2006

Life is Good

I am really enjoying living here. I've been walking the dog pretty regularly, enjoying listening to my iPod. I've found a church that I really like the speaker at. However, it's not our final church, so I've been going to it on Saturday nights because the series is really amazing, on leadership. Once I've heard part four next week, I want to summarize it here. But something I liked about tonight was the idea that everyone who's in our life is there for a reason, and either they are ultimately to influence us or we are to influence them. I also started my plan tonight of reading the #1's from the New York Non-Fiction Bestseller list. Borders lost my business; their new kiosk lists them alphabetically instead of by ranking, so I went to Barnes and Noble and signed up for their frequent buyer card. This is somewhat rambling tonight. We'll try another church in the morning. The one we went to last week we left after an hour and they hadn't even gotten to the sermon yet and it was way too uncomfortable for us. On Monday I start a job at World Vision. It's a temp. job, but it could lead to permanent work. The house is really getting close to settled, just a few more boxes to unpack and then a lot of stuff to start hanging on the walls.
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