Friday, April 28, 2006

Doing the Wave

On my way out of my neighborhood each morning, I turn left onto a street that can be tricky. The traffic is light, but travels quickly. Construction on the street has sometimes made the view even more difficult.

For several weeks, this guy has been standing there opposite my street. He's a large man, well bundled, wearing a reflective vest. Once he's had a stop/slow sign in his hand, but most days, it lies at his feet. But he's ready. Should he be needed, he'll spring to action.

It's cold most mornings and he just stands out there, all bundled out. As the cars fly past him, the wind must be quite chilling. And because of where he stands, as I'm accelerating, should I fail to turn the wheel, he could be a hood ornament.

So, I've been waving to him every morning, not sure if he can see me, but just because he must stand out there all alone for long periods of time, I figure someone waving might be nice.

The last few days he's doing the "pull forward" wave at me when it's clear, making it easier to exit the neighborhood. So I've continued to wave when I get out onto the street and now he smiles and nods.

I've been waving at the crossing guards later on during my route. Hopefully soon I'll get a return wave there as well. I guess most people are grumpy with them because of the school crossing the slows us all down to 20 on one of the only two roads out to civilization.
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