Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Are You Out There?

I've been meaning to post this again for a couple of days now. I've been graced in the past few months with a few people from my past, like Janeal, Greg and Brian. Of those, I can count exactly none of them as a result of their names appearing on this list.

The closest success story I've got is that I've reconnected with Adam Bargmeyer (his name was on the list) and met (only online) his lovely wife, who was searching for his name and came across this list the last time it appeared.

I've also heard through Andrew Ledbetter that Andrew Alexander just recently got married and was as close as Vegas about the time we were packing to move from L.A. to Seattle. I have yet to connect directly with Andrew A., though. And Brad's gonna have to go on the list. I know you're still around here somewhere, Zeitner.

Andrew Eichner still used the same e-mail address, so I actually did have a way to contact him. Surprised to find out he had moved to New York. Deryk Stillwell was still in Encino and amazingly enough, married! He and Lisa said we should get together before we moved, but that didn't happen.

So, here's the updated list... Maybe they'll search for their own name and come across this list. I intend to repost it frequently so that it's always fresh on this blog. In some cases, I could find these people by calling their parents back home, or by calling my parents, but (a) what's the fun in that, (b) I'm too lazy, (c) that's too weird and (d) maybe they don't want to hear from me.. that's fine. Plus, I could also check my colleges' alumni website, but that's not entirely acurate... for instance, according to them, I am a Dr. and an Esq. and I hold a PhD in Microrobotics from MIT. (And I'd like to note that I'm now receiving mail from PLU addressed to Dr. James A. Lamb, KBE, Esq. ha!!!!)

I have but a few brief moments today, so the list will have people missing and very little info about why I'm hoping to make contact with them.

And here's some search words for Google, to get us started... Washington, Bremerton and Port Orchard and Silverdale. Tracyton Elementary School and then Fairview Jr. High School and then Olympic High School and finally Pacific Lutheran University. Family of God Lutheran Church and Silverdale Lutheran Church. Oh, and Little Caesar's Pizza! Pizza! I guess I'd be remiss if I didn't also mention South Kitsap High School, Central Kitsap High School, Bethel Lutheran Church and Warner Bros. Online. And for search purposes, James Lamb. Oh, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Ultimate TV, UltimateTV, TV Net, UTV and the WB Network. Monrovia, Pasadena, Lake Avenue Church, Los Angeles. Movie Clicks. Stuff like that.

Of course, some of you on the list might think "What the heck would I talk to you about these days?" Fair enough. For some of you, perhaps I'm just curious to hear what you're up to these day and how you've been.

In no particular order...

1. Eric McGraw - last seen probably on graduation day from high school.
2. Glenn Krauss - El Camino
3. Holly Grellier - San Francisco
4. Jamey Peterson
5. Wendy Ehrlich - Warner Bros. Online
6. Becki Brunelli - Warner Bros. Online
7. Shannon Carvey
8. Tighe and Susan Carvey - Little Caesar's Pizza
9. Marshall B. "M.B." Miller IV
10. Robin something who liked cows
11. Chris Wilkinson
12. Doug Hahn
15. Darice Good - thespian, brother is Darren Good
16. Paul Bates
19. Patty Armstrong / Patty Hoem / Patty and Hayden
20. Richard Mar
21. Jamie Anderson (The Mast)
22. Kathleen and Susan Jacot
24. Scott Kim (Warner Bros., laid off the same day as me)
26. Eric Funk (former DJ, KPLZ 101.5 STAR Seattle)
27. Carol Maakestad
28. Pastor Robert Hoem
29. Huy Nguyen

As always, I have to end noting that this is an incredibly incomplete list with Janeal and Greg as evidence.
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