Friday, January 13, 2006

Yeah, that lasted

Ok, so it's been harder than I thought to stay regular in my posting. I still think the problem is the lack of a laptop. We've been living around construction again this week as we had all the new cabinets and countertops installed in the kitchen. We thought we were all done, until I found water on the floor today. Things that didn't leak before the construction apparently now do leak and need replacing. So glad I didn't stay home from work today or I would have been pretty ticked. Anyhow, that should be getting done today, the linoleum should be getting done today and we should be done with the contractors by the end of the day!

The computer is still set-up in the dining room, but will have to move very soon since now that the construction is done we'll be able to re-establish the dining room as a place to eat, complete with a big table that takes up the entire room.

We will basically have 72-hours to finish everything relating to getting the house done and ready to show. This is a horrifyingly short time-frame. I'm pretty scared. So much to do.
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