Friday, January 13, 2006

I know what the future doesn't hold

So apparently my two bosses hadn't been talking since before Christmas because of all of their collective vacationing. The whole time I had been talking regularly with their boss and the two of us were under the assumption that things were moving forward. I hadn't been actively looking for work thinking that I'd have this to bridge the gap as I headed north.

The last e-mail from one of them:
x and I will let the staff know either this week or at the leadership team meeting next Wednesday. With regard to needing a firm commitment from us regarding telecommuting, because we simply don’t know what the future holds, we cannot give you a commitment that we will be able to utilize your services from Seattle for sure.
Well, we can tell for sure what the future won't involve. I swear, it's like they see me as some resource they can schedule as they see fit. And I certainly won't sit around waiting to see if they are successful in recruiting volunteers and/or paid staff or not. Even though I can predict right now that they won't.

They will be in a world of hurt and it's too bad they know my off-campus e-mail addresses, because I like my e-mail addresses... but I'm so tempted to cancel and/or change all of my e-mail addresses when I move so that they can't contact me. (We won't put forwarding notices on our phones and will forward all our mail to a post office box.)

We did that when we moved from Glendale, forwarded all of our mail to my post office box in Pasadena. And then when the box was expiring and I didn't feel like paying for it anymore, we put the old Glendale address as the forwarding address. Voila - no more mail!

I know when I'm ready to leave, they'll ask how they can contact me and I'll say "You can't!" And if they really push the issue, I guess I'll offer them the contracting gig again, but the per hour will be huge.
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