Wednesday, January 25, 2006

W. Va. seeks to sweep realty TV show

MSNBC.COM -- West Virginia announced this week a plan that would see citizens of its state filling all final competitive positions of the Fox reality TV show "So You Think You Can Dance?" The state will begin installing the video game "Dance Dance Revolution" in its 157 middle schools this year and eventually the game console will be installed in all 753 public schools.

"The installation of DDR will give us a leg up, so to speak, on all the other competitors. By turning out a legion of dancers, we will be poised to sweep the competition and show the world of our dancing greatness," said Linda Carson, a professor at West Virginia University’s School of Physical Education in Morgantown in a statement she never made.

"By getting to them early, we will be showing them that dance is not a bad thing, and when done to flashing lights and a fast synthesized dance beat, it's really cool. Plus, we'll be able to quickly identify those children prone to epileptic seizures," Carl Callison with Mountain State Blue Cross didn't add.

The project will cost half a million dollars with the game console's manufacturer Konami Digital Entertainment contributing a miserly $75,000 for all the free publicity and brainwashing the project will provide them. More...
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