Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year, New Day

I guess I'm really appreciating the idea of a new year this time around and how it's an easy way to mentally adjust and prepare for a new start. I'm not going to the extreme Kevin is (see link to his blog on the right) -- and way to go Kevin -- but I'm happy and excited about this new year.

We went to The Vine this morning because we thought Lake was going to do something weird and it would be a pain having to park in the parking structure on the other side of the freeway and take the shuttle. And I was glad we went to The Vine. The pastor was right on when he was talking about how cool it is to start out the new year on a Sunday.

Lori got me the updated edition (more like a translation) of "My Utmost for His Highest" and it's broken out by day, so I started that. And in church they had a guide to reading the new testament in a year, so I started that too. I think I'll have a better year, spiritually as a result, especially if I read those in the morning.

Dietwise, I did ok. We didn't have blizzards at the mall and on my burger I had them do a boca instead of beef. It was... different. Not bad, just different.

I did a lot of painting, played with Rachel, hung out with the family. And it rained a lot. And talked to my parents on the phone. It was a really full, really good day.

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