Friday, January 27, 2006

Ford still doesn't get it -- At one plant, Ford bans all non-Ford vehicles from the closest parking lot. To me, this is just another indication that Ford doesn't get it, never will, and will be the first of the big three to fall. If the "imports" are superior cars in terms of fit, finish, trim, design, reliability, etc., I think that people should be encouraged to check out the competition.

In fact, here's my suggestion for the top brass at all three automakers: they should be required to change cars every week (to cut down on costs, the cars could just be passed from employee to employee.) One week, they drive a competitor's vehicle, the next week, a vehicle created by their company. And I don't just mean Lexuseses and Jaguars, but cut across the entire product line, from Kias to Volvos to Hummers to Chevy's little trinket cars.

Right now, I think the people in charge of the American car companies aren't living in reality and really don't comprehend what their competitors are up to.
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