Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Out of Scope

Last Friday while getting my doughnut and coffee, I was summoned into someone's office for a meeting. This was someone who I had a good working relationship with, but had never heard all of my theories, suggestions and fixes for the organization.

She was intrigued, I could tell she was clicking and that she was excited. Sadly, she wasn't in a position to really do anything about it. But we still talked for over an hour.

And then she scheduled a meeting with her boss asking me to discuss the same things with him. But I met with him and he was only interested in the small piece of the puzzle for which I was directly responsible. This is a man I've had a lot of respect for, someone who I believed was "one of the good guys," someone who did get it, worked hard and would actually probably survive in the end, rising to even greater power.

I left the meeting so discouraged. He wasn't interested in anything I had to say beyond my tiny, tiny little piece. He suggested that he'd be discussing with my boss about two or three of the issues, but my boss doesn't know. And it wasn't just that he was heading off to get bad counsel, but that he didn't realize it and that he probably couldn't have absorbed what I had to say, had I had the opportunity to say it.

It's really discouraging, but is just more confirmation (like I need any) that this place is never going to be the great shining star that it deserves to be.
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