Monday, October 10, 2005


Sometimes the revolution leads to the death of the revolutionary.
Someone came into my office this morning and wrote that on a piece of paper on my desk. No, it wasn't some sarcastic anonymous note, I think it was more of a warning. I was here when they wrote it. I'm not sure if they were trying to be quiet or subtle, but I've since hung it on the wall of my cubicle (if it can be called that). It covers up the
There is no interim in God's plans
banner that I put up about two months ago.

He's not wrong... sometimes you have to die for your cause. I have, of course, come up with several alternatives.
  1. Sometimes the revolution dies with the revolutionary.
  2. Sometimes the revolution isn't worth dying for.
  3. Sometimes the people are too stupid to recognize their need for a revolution.
  4. Sometimes the revolutionary says "Oh, screw it. You would just mess that up, too."
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