Friday, October 21, 2005

Yes, but is it watchable?

MSNBC.COM -- Has a year already passed? The Parents Television Council announces its 10-best and 10-work show for viewing-as-a-family. Using the 120+ hours of primetime television, the PTC culls a list of the shows best suited for watching as a family and least suited. Adding insult to injury, the PTC was only able to come up with 9 for the good list. I'll give you one guess as to which network has the greatest number of shows on the bad list. Yes, FOX with six of the 10 baddies. Now, what would your guess be for the network with the greatest number of shows good list? If you said ABC, CBS, NBC, or UPN, you'd be wrong. Fox and The WB score with two each.

I could (and do) extrapolate from that that Fox is offering the most diverse line-up of programming.

ABC - 2 good, 1 bad. (Dancing with the Stars? Really? Lori says that woman who lost her dress is a scantily-clad "skank.")

CBS - 1 good, 3 bad. (Ghost Whisperer? Really? Aren't ghosts scary?)

NBC - 1 good, no bad. (Three Wishes? Was this originally pitched by their PAX division?)

Fox - 2 good, 6 bad. (American Idol good? Even after Fantasia?)

UPN - 1 good, 0 bad. (A show based on Chris Rock's growing up life is a good show to watch as a family. Well, good for them. I haven't seen it but I've heard good stuff about it. Not sure if I get UPN.)

The WB - 2 good, 0 bad. (Two shows I haven't seen.)

Ok, here's the more interesting part...

Good Shows

Sunday - 1
Monday - 1
Thursday - 1
Friday - 4
unspecified - 2

Bad Shows

Sunday - 5
Monday - 2
Thursday - 2
unspecified - 1

Sunday is when a lot of the bad-for-families shows air? How ironic.

The link to MSNBC links on past that to the PTC's website. I make no judgements on these shows other than the snarky comments below. Kevin, feel free to rant about PTC's inclusion of Arrested Development on the bad side, or wax poetically about your appreciation of 7th. Heaven.
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