Friday, October 14, 2005

L.A., my home

I love this quote. It was actually in an article about soccer, or as half of Los Angelenos call it, football. (The other half dreams of football but never stays past the 7th. inning of a Dodger game.) Regardless, I thought it was a classic quote.

The palm trees and the sunshine are deceiving, because Los Angeles is the place where dreams go to die.

Every year it happens, and the silent screams of frustration and desperation from the hordes of musicians, actors, writers and producers who bring their hopes and desires to Southern California add that extra tension that contributes to road rage in the famous traffic.

It ain't happening, though. It's funny how New York has a reputation as a tough town, but really, it's just more honest. Los Angeles will give a warm, welcoming smile to visitors, and then leave them to figure out one hot day while they're stuck for hours on the 405 - it does that for everyone.

You're not special. Right beside you is someone smarter, cuter, younger, and heck, they're not making it here either.
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