Wednesday, October 12, 2005


That didn't look right. He stepped back and looked again. Was it the light? Was it the angle? No, that was obviously clear. It wasn't supposed to be clear. He stared, willing it to begin to turn darker, but it kept being clear. Stupid, he thought. What was wrong? He recounted the steps he had gone through. Did that. Yep, did that. Uh-huh, did that... oh... wait... yeah, that was a pretty big step to forget. Dang it all.

Now there was no chance that it could be anything but clear. Worse yet, he'd have to wait until it was completely done before he could do it again, this time not forgetting the all-important step. Hopefully this wouldn't be indicative of how the rest of his day would go. He sighed and pulled out another filter, this time adding coffee grounds and leaned against a wall waiting for the coffee machine to finish.
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