Sunday, August 24, 2014

Book Review: Quantum Zoo

Quantum Zoo by (and others)
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Quantum Zoo is an anthology of short stories in the science fiction genre on the theme of "zoo" - as in a collection of living creatures. Sometimes animals, sometimes aliens, sometimes humans. A number of authors employ a number of different styles of writing taking place in a number of different time periods and places. All of them more well thought-out than that last sentence I just typed.

The variety and quality varies from story to story, but there is a decent number of different stories here and the price can barely be beaten. The Kindle edition also provides jumping off points to other works by each author. If you want some quick fixes of sci-fi, several of these will fit the bill, especially one involving a race to the edge of the galaxy to capture creatures that have just been discovered.

I did grow bored with one of the stories, but read the other ones all the way through. This 99-cent Kindle book will give you more than enough material for a plane ride, or if you're like me and like to read before bed, quite a few nights of entertainment, reading a story over one or more nights.

Quantum Zoo (Amazon)
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