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Book Review: Dreams of Gods and Monsters (@lainitaylor)

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As book three of the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy, we bring the trilogy to a close. But no mere end-cap, this book (613 pages in print), like the last two, is an epic in its own right. We learn why the Chimera and Seraphim are both living on Eretz and why portals exist between Eretz and Earth, amongst a lot of other things. Truly a lot happens in this book and to describe any of it to someone who hasn't read books 1 & 2 would be silly (go read those books!) or to someone who has read books 1 & 2 (go read book 3!). Which leaves me with short review as is often the case with the final book of a series I've made it all the way through.

I recommend this book, I recommend this series. Taylor creates a world all its own that feels unique, thought out and yet plausible. It doesn't break any of the laws of nature or physics that we know today, but offers a much larger potential world and then explores its implications, woven throughout a complex story of beings wanting a better future and dreaming big.

Love has brought Karou and Akiva together multiple times, their nature has allowed them to weather the circumstances. Back also are the always fabulous Mik and Zuzu. And with a race of beings in which regeneration is possible, there's always hope and that hope will be rewarded - but this isn't some fantasy where "they all live happily ever after" - this is a war - there will be death as well, the permanent kind.

A really great read.

(Amazon, My Review)

(Amazon, My Review)

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