Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Long Time

Feel like it's been forever since I've posted anything of any personal nature on here.  Four minutes left on this morning's 30 minutes of free step and I feel compelled to write.  Not sure of what, but I'm sure there's plenty.

This past weekend, Lori and I stole away for about 23 hours up to the Big City.  We stayed at the Doubletree Arctic Club (built in 1917).  Even though we were there entirely on points, they put us up on the newly renovated top floor.   It's pretty cool - when you get off the elevator, you're in a little antechamber with only a single door with a simple plaque next to it that reads "Hilton Honors" and nothing more.  Stepping through the door, it's a small hallway with a few doors.  I'd later read that there were only 8 rooms on that floor.  Our room was pretty expansive.  A king sized bed with room to drop in a second king.  Desk, table, chairs, an elaborate ancient-looking chest that had been modified to hold a coffee bar, clothes storage and a hidden mini-bar.  And on top, a massive LCD. 

Huh... and now my four minutes are up.  More later.  I'm worried we didn't actually take any photos in the room.