Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yeah, I Brought It (2 of 2)

Ok, so my diet this week has been garbage and you might be a little less impressed if you saw the seesaw of the little weight line, but this was a surprise, considering yesterday that I worked through lunch, didn't get as much walking in yesterday as I'd have liked and instead of eating my lunch I ate a large number of small chips ahoy cookies and drank 3 or 4 cups of coffee yesterday instead of the usual two.

Today is going to be an excellent day. I tangled with someone the other day - they had presented some information in an email that they had gathered and I started to try to reply and address some incorrect points in the email but eventually gave up and just said their email had too many problems for me to know where to begin and that we ought to meet. (Today's lesson for the corporate world, kids - check the org chart first - person didn't like what I said/how I said it and let some others know.) I do believe I've managed to since convince them that I'm a good guy.

Anyhow, I spent yesterday's lunch time drawing on the white board in a conference room. I tried to apply a little bit of Back of the Napkin or In Plain English, but it still took me the entire hour to draw on my whiteboard, refine, capture with my camera, print out, and then redraw in the conference room and refine some more. After I was done, I left and then returned to take some photos with a higher quality camera and there were people gathering for the next meeting and they were all standing around looking at the board. When they found out I had drawn it, they asked me to email it to them, to put it on the wiki and said that their entire team needed to see it. (It was a 3-D virtual representation of our content and commerce websites, complete with aisles, cash register, zip lines, little guides holding coupons and a related city scene complete with house, a very poorly drawn non-3D bus, a TV store and a billboard. I'm pretty proud of it.)

* Back of the Napkin or In Plain English