Saturday, August 01, 2009

If I'd Wanted an Oil Change, I Would Have Gone to Jiffy Lube

Stupid Firestone. They're on my list. At least the one in Federal Way is. (Congrats, you're now as evil as United and Sprint.)

I went in at 11:30 am today to have an oil change and have my A/C looked at, because I had a coupon for both ($20/each). Guy says they're really busy, it would be about 4 hours until they could look at it. Could I leave it? IM'd Lori who said that Ben was napping and she had hair appointments for Ben and Rach in the afternoon, so she wouldn't be able to come get me.

The guy helpfully suggests making an appointment for 10 am tomorrow. No thanks, dude, church. So I ask if I can make an appointment for the spot 4 hours from now and he says "Sure" and takes all my info.

I spent the afternoon working in the yard, really hot. Car was also parked outside, also really hot. Drive over there, get there and there's a different guy there now and he only mentions the oil change. I mention the A/C service and he hems and haws and says that there's no way they could get to it today. He asked me if I still wanted to do the oil change.

I just stared at him for a few seconds trying to formulate an answer. I finally just wordlessly turned, walked out the door and drove home.