Sunday, August 09, 2009

120: A coincidence inhibits the process

Random sentence provided by Google: A coincidence inhibits the process.

It was supposed to be a simple process.  The math was sound, it had been tested 100 times on inanimate objects of varying sizes.  It had even been tested successfully on several small mice.  Unwilling subjects, they had still been happy for the cheese they'd received in exchange for participating in the experiment.  The risk hadn't been great, but it was still an exciting moment for science.  If this worked correctly, time travel would be completely and totally possible.

But now it was hosed.  The power surge right at the exact moment of the first human test caused Rupert to not travel through time, but be copied in time.  So now there were two of him, 15 seconds apart in age, the younger repeating everything the older said.   Quite annoying, really.