Monday, August 10, 2009

Get Over It

I'd like to think you, my dear readers, are a more advanced lot.  Most of you read my blog (and many others) using Google Reader.  Even more of you read it through the Facebook cross-posting.  The rest of you are probably advanced enough that it's unlikely that any of my friends will even see this. 

But, I'm jumping on the Stop Using Internet Explorer 6 bandwagon.  I've added code from which puts a warning banner at the top of my site if you're using IE6 encouraging you to download Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chome or even Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.  As long as so many people use IE6, we're stuck in the 2001 web.  And in web years, that's like superglacial (heck, even in real life, that's ancient.  I didn't have any children then.).