Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Ok, I need to vent. I am so frustrated right now, I could I don't know what. I cannot think clearly. I certainly don't feel like punching anyone, I'm not one for screaming and quitting my job would be a gigantic overreaction.

But, what the blank? I can't even think clearly enough to actually know what to say here. I mean, I can, but I don't think it's appropriate and I'd just be back here in 30 minutes to erase it and hope no one else had read it yet.

Even the guy at McDonalds gets to say "Sorry, no, we can't make you a burger filled with apple pies and McNuggets." Not that he'd have to. There are boundaries. You are the customer, he is the guy you want to keep happy so he doesn't go in the stockroom, sneeze all over his hands and then come back out and dish up your fries. You don't make demands that show you think he's doing his job wrong. Not only can I not sneeze (not that I'd want to), but people have hopped over the flipping counter and are pouring ketchup in the soft serve machine.

Thank God we're not doing rocket science here.
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