Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Two Thousand Seven (Part 1 of 3)

I’ve heard it often said that ours is a linear culture... once time has passed, you don’t get it back. Live for today and make each day count. But that many other cultures take a more cyclical approach. But I suspect as long as we’ve had an established calendar and a written tradition, we’ve had a cyclical view of some things -- the end of the year being a good opportunity to reflect on the year past and look forward to the year coming. For me, it has been a truly great year. I set out the year with some specific goals. I failed to continue measuring them throughout the year, but despite that, it was a great year. So, without further ado, the 2007 retrospective.

Part I - What I said I’d do in 2007...

I aim to blog more frequently. Yes and no. While the number of posts did increase from 235 to 318, I didn’t actually post introspectively as frequently as I’d have liked, especially as the year went on.

I want to take more artistic photos. Yes and no. We purchased a photo frame that holds five photos in a row. Each month we choose our best photo without people as the focus. Like an art installation or dew on a blade of grass or whatever. We move all the photos up one slot. The ones that get bumped go on my cube wall at work. This way we always have some interesting, changing art in our foyer at home. The last few (colder) months have been pretty lean, it’s been a struggle to find a good photograph.

I plan to do a lot of reading. Check. I posted a book list at the beginning of December 2006 and I’ve been adding to it and checking off books as I go.

I intend to be more social. Yeah, I think I’ve done OK in this regard. It’s really hard work for me, but I’ve worked hard at it.

The diet will return. It did. Limited results.

I will figure out how to be less busy. I believe I’ve pulled this off. In retrospect, I think it’s more about feeling less busy. Part of this I have a great website called Remember the Milk (www.rememberthemilk.com) to thank, it’s helped me organize my chores/reminders in a way I couldn’t have imagined. I also recently discovered a trick that’s helped me... after my last car repairs, the clock was off because they had disconnected the battery. I have not reset the clock, I’ve left it on the wrong time. So, now as I drive, I’m not constantly looking at it or being frantic about the time.

I will be a bigger help around the house. I think I’ve accomplished this. I’m going to once again credit RTM for helping me in this regard. I’m also going to credit this house. Because it’s newer and in great shape, there has been far less annoying chores to have to deal with.

Make it to the city (Seattle) each month. I’ve come close, but failed on this one.

Try a new restaurant each month. Failed this one, too.

Eat at the same restaurants less often. Eh. Some new restaurants, but not enough.

Don’t waste time with chores or on the computer while home alone with Rachel. I have not accomplished this one. Lori’s mom’s been living with us, so often I’ve spent time doing chores while Rachel hung out with her grandma.

Find a new home for the dog. Yes. I feel guilty, but Lori’s pretty sure the dog is enjoying life much more in her new home.

Get finances under control. Nearly there. Lori took over the receipting, leaving me with only the bill paying to handle. It’s helped us to stay better on the same page as far as where we are with our finances. At the moment things are a little off due to a big car repair bill last month and Christmas presents this month.

Talk to Lori’s dad at least once a month. Nope, failed miserably. This is where revisiting the list each month would have been helpful.

Talk to Lori’s mom at least twice a month. Yep, pretty much daily right now.

Talk to my parents and brother at least twice a month. Yes on my parents, no on Jeff and Hillary.

Next up... Part II – A Look Back
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