Monday, December 17, 2007


This was something cool my friend wrote in an email recently to a bunch of us. They didn't elect to put it on their blog for reasons of their own, but I think without attribution they wouldn't mind me sharing it.
A recent article in The New York Times Magazine cited experts in the fields of physics and astronomy who concluded that our universe, "is made of only 4 percent of the kind of matter we have always assumed it to be — the material that makes up you and me... and all the planets and stars in our galaxy and in all 125 billion galaxies beyond. The rest — 96 percent of the universe — is ... who knows?" Not only that, but it turns out mankind currently lacks the ability to figure out how to figure out what the remaining 96% of the universe is. My mind is hardly scientific in nature. I do not reason well, and me and logic seldom see eye-to-eye. But it would seem to me that if the world's leading scientists cannot identify 96% of what is out there, then it stands to reason that no scientist could legitimately deny the existence of God. I ask those who have not yet accepted God to take this Christmas season to contemplate the sheer wonder and mystery of the universe... for a moment, don't try to define it of classify it, because you can't. Merely accept that there are things you do not know and will never know, which is as it should be. Accept, if you can, that Jesus is the son of God. Accept, if you can, that this is the season in which we celebrate the life He led and the grace He shared with us all.
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