Friday, May 12, 2006

You're Not Dead Yet, Jim

I was not at all surprised to see Det. Jim Brass get shot in part 1 of the season finale for CSI:Thursday. I've been expecting something major involving his character since he was getting more and more screen time and finally his own episode in Los Angeles. That episode really defined some characters, including one whom Jim had a past history with, not to mention that his daughter was now living in L.A. After that episode I'd been pretty much expecting that a CSI:LA (or would it be CalCSI:LA since they like to put Cal in front of everything down there?) was in the works to spin off his character.

In a related note, I was surprised to find that Mongomery wasn't dead. Montgomery Ward, that is. Turns out that when they closed all of the department stores, no one told the people in the corporate headquarters to go home and they've continued to plug along as an internet and catalog virtual retailer. We got some nice curtains from them when we couldn't find them decently priced anywhere else on- or offline.
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