Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Weather Outside is Delightful

It's almost noon on a semi-lazy Saturday. The rain is coming down pretty steady now. It's a cold rain. I know because I had to go out and rescue a cat that fell out of the window and then got scared. That was pretty amusing. I didn't see the cat actually fall, but then to see Mr. Big-Tough-Boss-All-The-Other-Cats-Around mewwing pitifully unsure of what to do next. It has quieted down, some, though. Rachel's down for a nap and Lori's at the store. It will soon pick back up, though. In the den, I've moved everything to the center of the room and covered with plastic. As soon as I'm done with my break (drinking some nice hot coffee my parents sent) I'll go find the blue tape and cover the floors with plastic and then begin priming the walls while Lori makes goodies. Simultaneously, Lori's mom is at her place also making goodies. Later today we'll take them to local fire stations. Usually they do it on Christmas day, but it was just too hectic this year. So it's a nice quiet relaxing moment. I look forward for more of these kinds of moments, sitting in a comfy chair holding my mug of coffee and staring blankly out the window at the rain once we get to Seattle. As for now, back to the coffee and then back to work.
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