Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Another day, more not done

Today was a really frustrating day at work. I learned second or third hand of a bunch of work that would soon be coming my way by people who didn't understand my job. Someone tried to work on something that affected me but gave up halfway through and went home unbeknownst to me. In the realm of diet, I did rather poorly. Though given the choice at dinner I had lemonade instead of a soft drink. It was a small price, but it was a start.

As we were leaving Rachel's school friends called who we've been trying to connect with for the longest time. We told them of our plans and they said they had toyed with the idea of Portland themselves. They seemed happy for us, but with twins coming in a matter of days, they were also disappointed that we wouldn't be around to see more of their little ones' new lives.

The visit kept us out until Rachel's bedtime so I'm not sure how much work, if any, we'll get done tonight.
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