Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Maye Case So Far

THEAGITATOR.COM -- Lori first told me this about this a few days ago, but I found this great website today that kind of summarizes the important parts. Basically police raided two sides of a duplex late at night on Dec. 26, 2001. They were specifically after a guy living on one side who was a drug dealer. He was arrested without incident and a large quantity of drugs were immediately seized.

The raid on the other side did not go so well. A cop busted into the bedroom of a man who opened fire, killing the cop. The black man's 18-month-old daughter was also in the room sleeping at the time. According to reports people started shouting "police!" and he immediately dropped the gun and raised his hands above his head and surrendered.

The gun was stolen, but police are sure he obtained it legally from a friend. He had only been living in the duplex a few weeks. The white cop's dad was the police chief. According to reports, it's somewhat unclear as to when the second duplex was searched, several times are written and crossed out.

Eventually it says that the search yielded a small bag supposedly containing drugs and three smoked cigar butts with traces of drugs in them. The man who was arrested as the drug dealer was never actually charged as a result of the raid.

The other man, however, is now on death row awaiting execution, though everyone who's talking about the case believe he's innocent, that he was defending himself and his infant daughter (Rachel's age) at the time, that police did not identify themselves before raiding his apartment, or if they did, he did not hear them because he was asleep. More...

Edit, 05/10/2018 - the original website is gone, but I found a link on the Wayback Machine, so links above changed. Also, several egregious typos. Yikes. Yuck. Sorry. I'll go crawl in a hole now. Also, there's more info on Wikipedia (Cory Maye). Also, a great article from Huffington Post about his release.
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