Wednesday, September 21, 2005


If I spelled it wrong, I consider it a badge of honor. Anyhow...
  1. There was thunder and lightning and rain the other night. I'm glad to welcome it back. Check with me again in a few months and I'll tell you I'm ready for it to be done.
  2. I've heard JetBlue was good, but they proved you don't even need wheels to land a plane more smoothly than United. If you haven't seen the video, go to That pilot deserves some really big bonus or something from the airline.
  3. I still need to report on the meeting I had, but everyone except me thought it was great and that I was great. Well, I think I'm pretty good, but I wasn't too thrilled about the meeting.
  4. Lost tonight... um, what? I'm happy that they didn't just open a new can of worms. Tonight's twists I can deal with. I don't think I could really do justice to explaining the episode and it was sad to see Carol Vessey all beat up, but all in all a good episode.
  5. A grocery store in town did a major renovation for its 20th. anniversary. They had their grand re-opening and I wanted to go and Lori capitulated. The lines were long and we spent more than I had hoped, but the woman behind us in line gave us a $10 off coupon, they gave us a free Starbucks coupon and we won an inexpensive, but pretty decent looking DVD player.
  6. I lamented today to my favorite colleague that I didn't belong because (a) I'm wrong and everyone else is right or (b) I'm constantly right because I'm a genius and they're all wrong. He suggested there was a (c) Everyone is wrong. Lori points out that this still leaves them wrong 66% of the time. It's staggeringly bad. I feel like I could fix it, but a lot of people would need to get off the bus. I'm not convinced that's going to happen, so it's most likely me that's looking for a new ride uptown. Bottom line... does God have a plan for me at this church? If so, is something fantastic going to happen, or does God's plan basically involve me being miserable?

It's late, so I'm out of here. Goodnight, cruel world.

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