Sunday, July 04, 2004

Traffic worsening

Ok, so not exactly news (link above), but 55% say traffic is worse and 33% say "much worse." One in 20 uses mass transit nationwide, but in the mid-East, it's one in eight, meaning that it's much worse out here in the west. It may be because we're spread out, but it's also because we don't have enough usable mass-transit. And because every time a new section of rail is opened, a union goes on strike and everyone pledges to spend money on roads instead next time because roads can't go on strike. (I wonder if they don't strike in the east because over there it's vital and over here it's just an afterthought and only low-income people* are affected.)

(*I know that's somewhat stereotypical, but there is some factual information about the income levels of people who ride trains and especially busses in this area.)
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